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Easy Trading Platform

Honeylake is an easy and fastest trading platform that gives their client opportunity to grow their wallets

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Flexible Pricing Plans

We Have Plans To Suit Every account. Our investment plans are flexible to our client to invest on.

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Progressive Returns

Our investor stands to get continuous growth and withdrawal on their investment plan within 4 weeks for each in seven (7) days.

Who we are HoneyLake

An investment company that specializies in Bitcoin trading services around the World

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Honeylake is global bitcoin investment company that specializies in delivering the best investment services and trading strategies for online investors.
Honeylake allow investors to participate and benefit from the company using four different crypto currencies as a means of payment.

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Honey Lake Investment is a platform that is available to more than 30 countries worldwide. Here's why Honey Lake Investment is unique

strong security

Strong Security

Honeylake Investment platform is secured with the latest industry leading security applications.
Investors can be assured that their investments and returns are secure with us.

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Proper Management

A single investment on our platform can make you profitable for years. We properly manage your funds so that you get the best trading percentages for any package you choose.

payment options

Payment Options/7 days withdrawal

Once you invest, you can withdraw your profits every 7 days based on the percentage your investment is worth. This is a lifetime investment opportunity that can profit you for years.

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Best support

We are available 24 Hours, 7 Days for all your enquiries and complaints. Our online support is also available for immediate response to your enquiries. We're available for you

cost efficiency

No External Fee

Reasonable trading fees for takers
and all market makers

high liquidity

High Quality Services

Fast access to high liquidity orderbook
for top currency pairs

affordable packages

affordable plan that suit eve account



      10% Referral Bonus
      2.5% Daily Profit
      7 Days withdrawal Interval
    • PRO PLAN From


      10% Referral Bonus
      3.5% Daily Profit
      7 Days withdrawal Interval


      10% Referral Bonus
      4.5% Daily Profit
      7 Days withdrawal Interval

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leading cryptocurrency exchange since day one of Bitcoin distribution


active account

23733 USD

Last Investment

16823 USD

Last Withdrawal


years on the market

our experts

A talented team of Cryptocurrency experts based in UK

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Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions in all of human history. For the first time ever, anyone can send or receive any amount of money with anyone else, anywhere on the planet, conveniently and without restriction. It’s the dawn of a better, more free world.

Our Client Reviews

What Our client say Obout Honey lake


Bitcoin doubled in 7 days. You should not expect anything more. Excellent customer service!

Slim Hamdi || Tunisia

My family and me want to thank you for helping us find a great opportunity to make money online. Very happy with how things are going!

Rawia Chniti || Russia

This is a realistic program for anyone looking for site to invest. Paid to me regularly, keep up good work! Thanks to Honeylakeeee!!!

Lucy Smith || England

Thou I’m still new to honeylake Investment my first cash out made me wonder what people that have been into the system for years now will look like. I have more confidence now to invest in a higher plan. From USA with love

Rolland Mayar || England

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